2022 Conservation Report

Uniting citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan's natural resources and outdoor heritage

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To Our Members

Without you, your voice and your support, MUCC would not exist - we work on your behalf in Michigan's conservation space.

We are united. With more than 40,000 members, we are proud to serve each and everyone of you in our work.

Each of you is, by default, part of the Michigan's conservation community. Even though many of the outdoor adventures and activities we love to partake in are "individual" endeavors, all of us are united in our love for Michigan's natural resources and outdoor heritage.

Our membership has allowed MUCC to grow to the nation's largest statewide conservation organization. Thanks to all of you, our members, we continue to hold true to the mission of MUCC. A mission that is broad and expansive, but covers each individual issue each of us face.

No matter the species you pursue, or the place you find sanctuary, conservation unites us all. All of us need clean water, pristine habitat and the sound management of our wild game species. You are one, but we are many. United, we can stand and face any attempt to erode our outdoor heritage.

From the Executive Director

Just four years ago, we lost former Michigan Governor William Milliken. According to a New York Times article, "Days before he became governor in 1969, he told a joint legislative session, 'It is my greatest hope that this administration will be known for its compassion, its idealism, its candor, and its toughness in the pursuit of public ends.' That vision has largely borne out."

Miliken's civility and commitment to natural resources leave a lasting legacy for all Michiganders. But he is also remembered for his commitment to bipartisan efforts - we are all Michiganders first.

Our Mission. Our Work.

2022 MUCC Conservation Report
2022 MUCC Conservation Report
2022 MUCC Conservation Report


MUCC uses its various public-facing programs to create multi-faceted conservation stewards. Whether it is planting a tree with our On the Ground program or teaching a kid to shoot archery, stewardship ensures we have a strong, vibrant next generation of stewards.


Anti-hunters have been using rhetoric and propaganda to fill their war chests and launch frivolous attacks on conservation, hunting and trapping. Since our founding, we have fought to protect your right to hunt, fish, trap, shoot and recreate in Michigan.


MUCC prides itself on sound science guiding our policy. With sound science guiding our decisions, we can help ensure that the resources is always placed first, wildlife thrives and that emotions and social issues are not placed at the forefront of wildlife management.

Financial Highlights

Each dollar MUCC takes in is leveraged into furthering the conservation mission and ensuring your rights to hunt, fish and trap are secure.

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Grassroots Advocacy

In 2022, MUCC grew our network and engaged members in new ways

Your Voice.

Tripled the number of recipients in our policy center text messaging system.

Your policies.

Successfully ran a call to action in opposition to the expansion of Camp Grayling, resulting in over 5,300 emails to leaders across the state.

Your Organization.

Performed paid advertisement of call to action to reach audiences outside MUCC's normal reach.

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In 2022, MUCC enlisted 546 volunteers who worked 1,516 volunteer hours, improving 255 acres of wildlife habitat.

Over the course of the year, the On the Ground program was able to build upon past projects and partnerships as well as foster new relationships in the conservation community.

Our dedicated volunteers continued habitat and public access improvement projects on DNR-managed lands including invasive vegetation removal and grassland restoration, shooting lane clearing for accessible hunting blinds and repairing access bridges at public hunting and recreation areas.

We were also thrilled to foster new partnerships during the last fiscal year. Just a few of these exciting new partnerships include jack pine planting days with the Kirtland's Warbler Alliance in Roscommon County, wetland enhancement projects with Kellogg Community College in Calhoun County and upland bird habitat improvement projects with Eaton County Conservation District.


Your Story. Your Voice.

Through our robust communication channels, we are constantly striving to bring you the most up-to-date and entertaining conservation news.

Tracks magazine reached 10,000 kids!

Tracks Magazine publishes throughout the school year and focuses on a Michigan species through the lens of conservation and responsible management.

Michigan Out-of-Doors Celebrated 75 years!

Since 1947, Michigan Out-of-Doors has been the mission delivery vehicle for MUCC. It has entertained, informed and impacted our natural resources immensely.

More than 25 conservation insiders a year are emailed!

The Michigan Out-of-Doors Conservation Insider is MUCC's digital news reel to keep you up to date with the organization and all of Michigan's conservation happenings.

Revamped and Renvisioned the Michiganoutofdoors.com Website!

The MOOD team spent 2022 diving into the website and trying to make it more user-friendly and appealing.

Spent More than 500 staff hours doing conservation outreach!

This includes at various outdoor shows, youth events and outreach programming that MUCC designs and implements. 


Who will be next?

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

Building Conservation-focused Networks

Since 1946, MUCC has been hosting the Michigan Out-of Doors Youth Camp. In that time, more than 58,000 campers have come through our gates. Each camper who has joined us has had the opportunity to form a deeper connection to the outdoors while building hands-on skills they can use for the rest of their lives.


Ensuring Safe Firearms Handling and Training

Creating safe, ethical and responsible conservationists is one of the primary goals of the education department here at MUCC. With an emphasis on stewardship, ethics and responsibility, we hope to instill a passion for the outdoors in adults and youth alike. One way we do this is through hands-on educational opportunities. 

Creating a Connection to the Natural World

Thanks to funding support from the Great Lakes Fisheries Trust, in 2022, we were able to focus several programs on family fishing events. our goal was to host events in different regions of the state and provide opportunities to various water bodies. We emphasized family-friendly locations and highlighted the opportunity fishing from shore presents to create lasting memories.

MUCC's work would not be possible without grant support from:

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