Gourmet Gone Wild

Gourmet Gone Wild (GGW) introduces Michigan’s urban and suburban young professionals (between the ages of 21‐39) to conservation, stewardship, hunting, and fishing through the locavore movement. Gourmet wild fish and game tastings bring young professionals (YPs) together and help connect them to hands-on experience and mentorship.

This program is unique in that it connects YPs through mechanisms they are already interested in, such as eating local, sustainably, and healthy, and parlays their current interest into increased awareness and stewardship of our natural resources. During each GGW event epicureans sample professionally prepared wild fish and game paired with local beer and wine, while learning the health benefits of eating local and the role hunters and anglers play in conserving our natural resources.

After attending initial GGW events, which focuses on gourmet preparation of wild game and fish, YPs get connected to hands on events called Gourmet Gone Wild‐er (GGW‐er). At these events, instructors impart their knowledge of fishing/hunting and conservation, to gain new support for fisheries/hunting, recreation, and conservation, while continuing to highlight the culinary and health benefits of eating wild fish and game.

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