Support Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger

Who We Are:

Michigan United Conservation Clubs represents 40,000 conservationists throughout the state. The National Deer Association works to secure the future for white-tailed deer, wildlife habitats and hunting.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger was founded in 1991 and is the 501(c)3 that the Michigan DNR contracts to facilitate the program.

Support Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger

What is Sportsmen Against Hunger?

The Sportsmen Against Hunger program was created by Public Acts 116 & 117 of 2005. Since that time, the DNR has partnered with Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger to coordinate the efforts of sportsmen and sportswomen in Michigan and Michigan-based licensed wild game processors to feed the hungry of our state. MSAH is an all-volunteer organization working in coordination with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to coordinate licensed game processors throughout the state as drop off locations for white-tailed deer harvested by hunters. These deer are then donated to local food banks to help feed communities.

The Problem

Storage issues and low payments for processors stressed the program in 2023. New DNR guidelines mandated chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis testing in certain counties and lead testing requirements before meat distribution.

Processors lacked sufficient storage space, and there werte anecdotal reports of processors turning deer away or discarding them.

The Solution

A new general fund investment used by the department to:

  • Acquire refrigerated trailers that processors can use to store deer and processed venison;
  • Increase payments to processors, bringing them to market rates to ensure processor participation and retention;
  • Cover chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis testing, including shipping costs; and
  • Allow srategic growth of the program, connecting Michigan's hunters to Michigan's hungry and helping to solve a need here in the state.
Support Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger

What Can You Do?

There are a number of ways that YOU can affect positive change for MSAH:

  1. Donate to the program at your DNR license point of sale. The program is run largely on hunter donations. You can donate with the press of a button when buying a hunting license online, too.
  2. Email your legislator and encourage them to support the program with a general fund investment.
  3. If you are in an area with an antlerless harvest, consider donating an excess deer to the program.
Support Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger