Senate passes commercial guiding legislation

January 2024 NRC Recap

The Michigan Senate, on a bipartisan vote, passed stakeholder-led commercial guiding legislation Thursday morning. Commercial guiding in Michigan is woefully unregulated – nothing currently exists in statute to prevent serial poachers from posing as legitimate guides. Senate Bills 103, 104, SB 105 aim to address that, though still need to pass through a House committee…

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Commercial Guiding Bills: What’s Myth and What’s Fact?

The Senate Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee passed out an MUCC-supported commercial guiding package (SBs 103,104 and 105) today.  Commercial guiding in Michigan is woefully unregulated. Nothing in state law prevents a serial poacher or felon from guiding. For more than 10 years, Michigan United Conservation Clubs has worked to provide much-needed sideboards for an…

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Regulation of Commercial Guiding Industry Long Overdue in Michigan

Please click here to view MUCC’s one-pager on commercial guiding. Sometimes you look at something and it seems so obvious. How did nobody think of this before? Peanut butter and jelly, dipping grilled cheese in chicken noodle soup, creating a common sense, enforceable set of requirements for commercial guides to protect the safety of both…

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