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Education Corner: Winter Fun For Kids

Since we live in Michigan and winter wonderland is one of our state mottos, I decided to highlight some ideas on how to keep getting your kids outside. Here are a few tips from one of MUCC’s partner organizations the National Wildlife Federation on how to have some fun when you cannot get out hunting…

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Education Corner: 2017 Recap

With the last blog of 2017, its time to look back and reflect on some of the progress we have made in the Education Department here at MUCC.  This was the first year in a long time where the Education Department had more than one employee.  With the addition of Camp Director and Lead Educator…

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A New Connection

One of the key components of the OTG Jr. Program is creating a connection between the student participants and public land.  The whole concept behind this program is to show students and their parents/teachers that there is accessible outdoor recreation not too far from where they live.  We are trying to show them they do…

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