Wels Catfish Photo: Wels Catfish
by Lia Biondo, MUCC Policy Intern
At last month’s Natural Resource Committee meeting, DNR director Keith Creagh signed Invasive Species Order Amendment No. 1 of 2014 which added new species to Michigan’s prohibited list of aquatic invasive species.
In 2013, Governor Rick Snyder called a meeting with governors from each of the Great Lakes states and Premiers from Ontario and Quebec, with one of the goals of this meeting being to obtain a commitment from each of the nine states and two provinces to restrict sixteen “least wanted” aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes. Prior to this meeting, nine of the sixteen “least wanted” species were already either prohibited or restricted in Michigan.
Killer Shrimp Photo: Killer Shrimp
Following the signing of the Invasive Species Order Amendment No. 1 of 2014, six more “least wanted” species were deemed prohibited. The remaining “least wanted” species is water soldier, a plant. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has jurisdiction over plant species, but is expected to add water soldier to the prohibited species list in January.
The following six “least wanted” species were added to the list, along with red swamp crayfish per recommendation from the department:

These species joined a list of 33 other prohibited aquatic invasive species in Michigan. To view the complete list, along with pictures and descriptions, click HERE.
The Invasive Species Order Amendment No. 1 of 2014 also removed rusty crawfish from the prohibited species list and added it to the restricted species list; as their presence is no longer isolated, but widespread and established throughout Michigan. This was requested by the public to allow for limited possession of rusty crawfish in the form of trapping for purposes such as consumption or fertilizer.
If eating rusty crawfish isn’t really your thing and you’d like to help
Red Swamp Crawfish Photo: Wikipedia Red Swamp Crawfish
Photo: Wikipedia
control the spread of invasive species in Michigan both in the water and beyond, the DNR recently announced its December schedule of volunteer stewardship events at state parks and recreational areas! The calendar of events can be found HERE.
And if you’re still looking to get your hands dirty while sprucing up the public hunting lands in our state, MUCC’s On the Ground program is hosting a volunteer stewardship event on December 13th at the Allegan State Game Area. Sign-up for the free t-shirt, car decal, digital subscription to Michigan OutofDoors Magazine AND lunch by clicking HERE.

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