Yesterday, I received the most unique call since my time in the working world and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to write about it….a casting agent called for a major cable network show now in the works.
casting call flyerSomeone from California, looking for positive stories about hunters and their relationship with their animals they use in the hunt and they want to broadcast this to the country! It’s almost pure irony isn’t it given the experience we have with certain people from California and their perceptions of hunting?
But I positively know that Michigan has many unique stories out there and we’d love to help share this message.
So if you know a hunter or maybe are someone with a unique relationship with an animal hunting companion–falconers, hunters that use dogs, people with disabilities that have a service animal to help them in the hunt, or even pack animals–maybe you’d consider answering the call? They want to feature this hunter in the hunt and then eating their game, all in a cold weather climate.
All submissions will need to be in no later than 9/22/2014 by 5pm (PST) and you can email for more information. Click image below for a downloadable PDF flyer.
And if you are really, really hard core, the same casting agent also mentioned they also looking for a family for Animal Planet-Ice Lake Rebels. I have included the link for your review.

As they say in show biz, “Break a leg!”

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