10553515_10152604206096813_2559563249260268972_nThe Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently announced the formation of a Blue Ribbon Advisory Group to independently review state game areas. DNR Director Keith Creagh made the announcement at Thursday’s meeting of the Natural Resources Commission in Lansing.
State game areas are important public land areas owned by the state of Michigan, providing residents with broad opportunities to hunt, trap, fish and engage in other compatible recreational activities. The DNR is responsible for creating and maintaining wildlife habitat on these areas for conservation purposes.
The Blue Ribbon Advisory Group will examine:

  • Overall use and intensity on state game areas.
  • Funds and agreements used to acquire these lands.
  • Current timing and diversity of uses.
  • Vision for the future of state game areas.
  • Potential habitat or strategic management changes that could enhance high-quality hunting, trapping or angling experiences.
  • Potential for expanding compatible recreational uses and management activities.

Group co-chairs are William Demmer, past president of Boone and Crockett and chief executive officer of Demmer Corporation, and Dan Eichinger, executive director of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Additional members have been invited and the full membership roster will be shared shortly.
“We are excited to have two great leaders managing this important review,” said Russ Mason, DNR Wildlife Division chief. “This type of review will help us plan our future management on these areas and be forward thinking as the individual interests of these areas may change.”
The group will begin with a review of state game areas in southwest Michigan and then focus on those in southeast Michigan. See a map and list of Michigan’s state game areas on the DNR website.

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