In the Field: Cooperative Satisfaction


Back in 2010-2011 I was working on my Master’s Research at Michigan State University. My research on deer cooperatives uncovered some interesting information.  1) Deer hunters within cooperatives were more satisfied with their overall hunting experience that those hunters surveyed by the DNR. 2) Deer hunters within cooperatives influenced harvest behavior of those also within the cooperative. These findings, along with others, lead to the the creation of not only my position here in Michigan, but two positions in Missouri, and some prospect positions in other states. Wildlife Cooperatives have significant value not only in increasing hunter satisfaction, landscape level harvest management, but also landscape level habitat management as well – not to mention the potential to collect data within cooperatives about habitat, harvest, and population levels and impacts.

To follow up on some of this research, as well as to provide some constructive feedback to leaders of existing cooperatives, a survey is currently available for cooperative leaders to use to solicit insights as to how the members are feeling about their current cooperative experience. If you are part of a cooperative, or you are a leader of a cooperative, feel free to fill out the survey yourself, and pass it along for other cooperative members to fill it out as well! The survey can be found by clicking this link. (Please only fill out once.)

In the mean time… Below are some initial findings you may find of interest (data as of 10.10.16).


Does this data line up with your experience? Let us know!

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