In the Field: Reasons to be Thankful

I’ve been mulling over what I should write for this week’s blog all day. Nothing seemed to fit quite right. And then I realized that I find this answer every single day when I come to work, answer an email, hear about people working together in the field, see the smiles of successful hunters and read the encouraging words when things don’t go as planned.

I know of over 135 groups of people that pride themselves on being stewards of the land, it’s wildlife and lending a hand to neighbors. 330,000 acres of land is being positively impacted by these men and women. Wildlife cooperatives bring people together from different backgrounds and levels of knowledge to a commonplace. It’s not always an easy road and not everyone jumps on board right away, but we have proven countless times that passion and belief in the greater good of the outdoors can accomplish huge things.

As a leader in this position, I want it to be known that I am also being lead by these amazing people that make up the wildlife cooperatives in Michigan. They motivate me every day to think outside the box and share the wonderful work they are doing state wide. They deserve to be recognized even though they do most work silently.

If you read this today and are a member of a wildlife cooperative, please share your favorite part about being involved. Why are you thankful you joined this program? 

Please visit the Michigan Wildlife Cooperatives webpage to learn more about the benefits of joining or starting a cooperative.






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