Daniel Eichinger
This year we defeated anti-hunting extremists who would like nothing more than to force every fish and wildlife decision to a vote of the people. Together, we once again demanded that fish and wildlife decisions be made by professionals based on sound science.
But MUCC did much more than defeat anti-hunters this year. We expanded our award winning habitat enhancement program: On the Ground (OTG). OTG identifies priority habitat enhancement projects on public land across the state, organizes volunteer conservationists, who spend a day hinge cutting for deer, creating brush piles for rabbits, putting structure in a trout stream, or any other number of activities all for the benefit of wildlife, fish, and game.


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.44.58 AMAdditionally, more than 340 young people deepened their connection to nature, conservation, and outdoor recreation by participating in our youth camp.  How do you make a week last a lifetime?  Send a kid to MUCC’s Michigan OutofDoors Youth Camp.
Your generous support and membership allows us to maintain facilities and programs that are safe, fun, and educational and enable us to focus on the things that matter to all of us: protecting our rights to hunt, fish, and trap; creating partnerships to enhance habitat; and inspiring young people to discover the wonder of nature. Help us deepen the impact of our work.


(L-R) Dan Eichinger, Russ Mason, Douglass Reeves, Drew YoungeDyke (L-R) Dan Eichinger, Russ Mason, Douglass Reeves, Drew YoungeDyke
What you do says a lot about who you are. Get to know us  and we hope to get to know you. More importantly, we hope that you join us as we unite Michigan for conservation and for the future.

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Daniel Eichinger Executive Director

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