Back in February, in front of a crowded township hall, the Michigan DNR presented their proposed plan for a public boating access site on Eagle River in Cass County. The hall was filled with supporters and detractors alike but there were far more individuals supporting public access than opposing it. MUCC is in support of public access to public natural resources, such as lakes, waterways and forests. This past week a Judge ruled in favor of public access Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.42.08 AMto Eagle Lake
From Michiana Outdoor News
In a ruling announced by Cass County District Court Friday, Judge Sue Dobrich supported the Ontwa Township’s zoning board decision that favored the proposed boat launch on Eagle Lake.
The popular fishing lake in southwest Michigan has been without sufficient access all year. The DNR purchased land on Eagle Lake Road near Edwardsburg with the intent to develop a parking area and safe boat launch but has received stiff resistance from the Eagle Lake Improvement Association.
Last summer, the lake association filed suit against Ontwa Township and the Michigan DNR over the township’s zoning board vote that approved the proposed launch.
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Public Demands Public Access: Take Action for Eagle Lake – January 22, 2014

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