With the Legislature on spring break from April 3rd through April 14th it’s a great time to meet with your state representative during their local office hours and introduce yourself over some coffee!  If you aren’t sure who your state representative is, don’t panic, just head over to http://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/ where you’ll see a search tab for Finding A Representative.

One you plug your address in it should take you straight to your representative’s home webpage where you’ll see their local office hours, though you may have to search through their page to find some of the announcements, if they aren’t posted at the top of their page. From there they generally have several different locations where they can be found throughout their district for open coffee hours where appointments aren’t necessary.  If you’re unable to find their district office hours or if they haven’t updated their page, sending them an email to set something up is always an option too!

These coffee shop hours are a great way to introduce yourself and have a chat about local concerns, big picture concerns, advice on local government, or even just to let them know that your available as a resource should they need help.

Some great topics to discuss could include the great economic benefits that sportsmen and women contribute to the state on an annual basis, or your concerns over Chronic Wasting Disease and what that could mean for the state.  Either way, it’s great to get to know your state representative and show a supportive hand.  Remember representatives are there for your benefit, so take advantage of that and reach out to them!

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