From: Camp Assistant Director, Stephanie Rustem

Week Two of camp was off to another great, but soggy start. Even though the weather was not initially on our side, the campers were excited to get outside and play.  Not only are the Conservation Connection campers receiving a dose of the great outdoors, but this week’s inland fishing and trap campers are also having new and enhanced recreational experiences.
Are the fish biting? Are the fish biting?

On Monday, the inland fishing campers have practiced their casting techniques with casting golf and learned how to tie a few new knots. On Tuesday, white capped waves washed over Cedar Lake early in the day which brought good luck for several of our fishing campers with a handful of catches.  Later this week, they will have the chance to fish from canoes and learn about the art of fly fishing.
Click Here to see more pictures from camp!   The trap campers also spending some of their time down near the water.  Under the instruction of Mr. Dale Hendershot, Michigan’s newest trappers are learning how to set traps both on land and near the water.  On Tuesday, the trap campers had the opportunity to handle and observe a wide variety of trap types and sizes.
The Traps are Set! The Traps are Set!

They have also learned about the historical significance of trapping, ethical trapping practices, and safety considerations while trapping. When they become trap certified, the trap campers will officially join the community of fur harvesters. We are having a wonderful time on Cedar Lake and look forward to more fun in the great outdoors in the coming weeks. Check back next week for more updates from camp!

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