The first Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast episode introduces the show, based on the Michigan OutofDoors Magazine published by MUCC since 1947, and delves into the recent Graymont land transaction in the eastern Upper Peninsula, the importance of public lands to hunting, U.P. bear quotas, Lake St. Clair and statewide bass regulations, and On the Ground wildlife volunteer projects on public land. Guests include Amy Trotter, MUCC Resource Policy Manager, and Sarah Topp, MUCC’s Wildlife Volunteer Coordinator through the Huron Pines AmeriCorps program.
The Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast is the voice of conservation in Michigan. Brought to you by Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC), which has been publishing Michigan OutofDoors Magazine since 1947, the Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast is a weekly look behind the scenes of the most pressing issues for hunters, anglers and trappers in Michigan.
Hosted by Drew YoungeDyke, who manages MUCC’s field and public relations programs, writes for Michigan OutofDoors Magazine and has written for Michigan Outdoor News and Woods’N’Water News, and Logan Schultz, MUCC’s new social media guru and resident gun nut, the Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast will also feature regular guests from Michigan’s conservation community and the outdoor industry to have casual, sometimes humorous, in-depth conversations about what’s going on in Michigan from the Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Commission and the Legislature, to interesting people and programs working to improve hunting, fishing and trapping in our state.
Only the Michigan Out-of-Doors Podcast can bring you the latest hunting, fishing, trapping and conservation news in Michigan from the people making it, perfect for making your drive to work, morning run or any downtime feel like you’re at deer camp, on demand!

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