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As Michigan OutofDoors Youth Camp at Cedar Lake Outdoor Center continues to grow, we find ourselves in need of equipment donations to help make the program great.  By contributing to our program you are having a direct impact on over 350 kids each summer and are providing them the opportunity to have the summer of a lifetime. We are asking for your assistance in helping us gather the resources we need to create future conservationists for the state of Michigan!


  1. Gator, ATV or Golf Cart – Either on loan for the season or permanent donation.
  2. Zero-Turn Lawnmower – Loan for the season or permanent donation. Minimum 42’ cutting deck.
  3. Picnic Tables – 6 or 8 ft. w/ wooden seats and tables tops with metal or wooden frames.
  4. Work Bench for Garden Shed – Heavy duty metal or wooden sturdy 4 thru 8 ft. long. x 2 ft deep.
  5. Bench Grinder – Heavy Duty Bench mounted grinder with accessories.
  6. Weed Wackers – Gas operated as heavy duty as possible with string.
  7. Leaf Blowers – Gas operated as heavy duty as possible.
  8. Hand Power Tools – 110v electric: drills, circular saws, sanders, etc. with accessories.
  9. Air Compressor – Portable w/ wheels 3 gal tank 110volt or comparable. W/ hose and access.
  10. All Garden Tools – Rakes, shovels, brooms, sledge hammers, axes, posthole diggers, and etc.
  11. All Carpentry Hand Tools – Hammers, saws, screwdrivers and etc.
  12. Smoke Detectors – U.L. rated 9 volt w/ batteries 10 thru 15 units.
  13. Firearm Ammo – (.223 – 200 rounds). (.243 – 400 rounds). 20 gauge shotgun target or light loads. 2000 rounds.
  14. Paper targets – for the .22 rifle range.
  15. Portable / folding bow racks – for field or storage shed use.
  16. 3-D Archery Range targets – We need everything but deer targets.
  17. Arrow fletching kits and glue.
  18. White bandanas.
  19. New Garden Hoses –  2 or 3pcs. @ 50 ft hoses. With exterior mounting hangars.
  20. Deck water sealer –  2-5 gallons.

There are several ways to get your contributions to us before the 2015 season starts. Some of the larger items may require a fund raiser, please consider starting one! The other items are all around you just look and make the effort to collect them.
Shaun McKeon – MOOD Youth Camp Director – (517) 346-6466 –
Robert M. Borchak  – CLOC Facilities Chairman – (586) 242-3229 cell.
Thank You in advance for your continued support for Michigan OutofDoors Youth Camp and Cedar Lake Outdoor Center

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