A hand-made, custom bamboo fly rod.  A brand new, Remington 700 .30-06.  A broken-hearted anti-hunter.  Logo
All for $5.
MUCC is pleased to announce a special raffle sponsored by MUCC’s Board of Directors.  This raffle includes a custom, hand-made bamboo fly rod, built by MUCC’s own master rod builder, Matt Lubaway.  Representing over 110 hours of painstaking work, Matt has transformed this vintage bamboo fly-rod from a neglected artifact to a stunning piece of art.  Among the many notable features of this beautiful rod are a Michigan buck antler butt cap and custom handle which include a hand-laid feather fly.

As if that wasn’t enough…Also included in the first prize package is a new, Remington 700 .30-06, with a modern, Wood Tec stock.

MUCC fights for your rights to hunt, trap, and fish every day.  Anti-hunters are actively plotting ways to end hunting by the ballot, the legislature, and the courts.  MUCC stands with you and for you, advocating for your rights and beating back the anti-hunters and their radical agenda.  By purchasing this raffle ticket you are ensuring that we have the resources necessary to continue to defeating the anti’s.
And not to worry, second prize wins a grill and a sweet MUCC freezer to store your haul!
Awesome prizes, a great cause, and only $5-what are you waiting for?

Call 1-877-777-6720 to get your tickets today!

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