As I write this, there are only 25.5 hours left in this year’s Election Season. What’s that sound? Cheers? Applause? The return to regular broadcast television that we have avoided since July?
While the media refers to 2014’s Election Season as the “mid-term elections,” I’d like to take this last ditch effort to remind hunters, trappers, and anglers that this is THE election to ensure that our outdoor heritage is protected.
Ballot examples of Proposals 1 and 2 Ballot examples of Proposals 1 and 2
This is the season where we will elect a Governor, Attorney General, and three Michigan Supreme Court justices, not to mention 148 State Senators and Representatives, who all have direct influence over how are our conservation laws are written, interpreted and enforced, and how habitat work is funded. I would go as far as to argue these state elected officials have even MORE influence over the day-to-day management of our natural resources than anyone sitting in Washington, D.C. It is incredible to me that typically less than 50% of registered voters choose to participate in an election year that is filled with consequences for our hunting, fishing, and trapping rights.
We have done what we can to counter the anti-hunting rhetoric, we have asked everyone in Michigan to VOTE YES on Proposals 1 and 2. Now, we need you to show up and show them!
He won't get to vote until 2030, so please protect his rights until he gets there!  He won’t get to vote until 2030, so please protect his rights until he gets there!
Although just about any one of us would rather be fishing the salmon run, chasing perch, trapping coyotes and raccoons, or hunting grouse, deer, pheasant, quail, or turkeys this time of year, take the hour and GO VOTE! You can do each of these things on the first Tuesday of November of any year, but this year you can really do something to make a difference for the future generations of outdoors men and women behind you.

There is nothing that goes better with your camo or waders than an “I Voted” sticker.
Next week, its back to your regularly scheduled program. Well, as soon as Lame Duck Season is over….

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