Last summer, the 2014 MUCC Annual Convention delegates worked on crafting conservation policy changes that they would like to see in the upcoming year. One of these resolutions was the expansion of hunting opportunities from a raised platform or tree stand. Currently, the taking of game from a raised platform is legal for all bow and crossbow hunters, all bear, deer and elk hunters when using a firearm, and all fox and coyote hunters. Our members proposed that we work to add small game, bobcats, woodchuck and turkeys into the list of species that are able to be legally hunted from a tree stand or raised platform.
The original proposal, brought to us by individual member Millard Holton of MUCC District 6, highlights the benefits and support for expanding the list of species able to be taken from a raised platform. The resolution was voted on by MUCC members and is now part of the policy priorities MUCC staff have worked to implement with the Natural Resources Commission.
The first part of this regulation, taking small game (excluding migratory birds) from an elevated platform, is poised for an NRC decision on Thursday, May 7.
This order would expand the use of an elevated platform or tree stand for the taking of small game with a shotgun only. 
In addition, this order also adds authorization to private landowners to take woodchucks or skunks doing or about to do damage to their property, similar to the regulation for coyotes and raccoons. This change in regulation was desired by landowners, particularly farmers, after the license restructuring removed their exemption from needing a small game license (now base license) to take small game on their own property.

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