OTG: Manistee River Clean Up

The Manistee River, which is home to a very healthy resident population of game fish species, is located in the northwestern region of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The mainstream of the river spans over 78 miles, and has a drainage area of 590 square miles. The small towns that are situated near the river are home to quaint bait and tackle shops with friendly and helpful workers that will happily sit and talk to customers all day about hot fishing spots, what lures are working best for their desired catch and thoughts on the upcoming runs. Not only is this area frequented by anglers, but also recreational kayaks, canoes and bird watchers. It is truly a river that anyone can enjoy no matter where their interests lie. With all of these activities happening, it’s easy to imagine the kinds of things that are left behind after a long day spent on the water.

On Saturday, July 21 volunteers gathered at High Bridge Boat Launch in Brethren, Michigan at 9am to begin the annual river clean up hosted by Steelhead Manifesto and OTG. Despite very rainy conditions, everyone was in high spirits and eager to dedicate their morning to the Manistee River. Participants spent the morning on boats and on foot cleaning up launch areas and river banks. When the project wrapped up, volunteers gathered back at Brethren Boat Launch to enjoy a pizza lunch and raffles by Steelhead Manifesto. Many objects were gathered from the river that day, including a patio heater, numerous folding lawn chairs, tarps and various food and drink waste products.

Of the over 50 volunteers that participated, many groups were made up of families.  It was truly a sight to see parents taking the time to teach their children about good environmental stewardship and responsibility while enjoying time together. On The Ground was humbled and grateful to be a part of this day, and we are looking forward to the event for many years to come.

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