OTG: Updated Equipment and Upcoming Events

The busy season for the OTG program is approaching quickly, and with that comes increased demand on the equipment that is used throughout the projects. The chainsaws used by volunteers were in particularly rough shape, and in definite need of replacing. After thorough research on brands, models and function, it was decided that the Stihl Wood Boss (MS 251) would be the best saw to meet the high demands that many of our projects in the field call for.  This saw, which has 50% reduced emissions compared to its preceding models, provides the power, safety and functionality for our projects while also minimizing the effect on the environment.  Stamped with Stihl’s “Caring for Nature” seal, this saw produces low-exhaust emissions, which is categorized as being cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards.  The OTG program is proud to utilize tools that are designed to help us better serve wildlife populations while simultaneously reducing our environmental footprint.

It was also noticed that the program was in need of a trimmer. For example, a major component of our upcoming project at Shiawassee State Game Area includes trimming brush willow, which is encroaching a river bank.  This is one of many projects where this trimmer will be utilized to its maximum potential.  After deliberations and research, it was decided that the Stihl FS 91 trimmer with bike-handle grips would be the safest and most effective tool for our projects. The handles, which are designed for better and safer leverage and stability ensures that volunteers who run the trimmer will have the best possible control over it.  In addition, this model was purchased with a metal blade attachment for trimming heftier woody vegetation. This will undoubtedly open up opportunities at new and preexisting projects, and the OTG program is ready to get in the field and utilize these tools to improve wildlife habitat

In addition, the saws were purchased at the Clarkston branch of Weingartz. This local company, which has been family-owned for over 65 years was unmatched in genuine professionalism and helpfulness. From running numbers and prices of numerous products to professional opinion and experience, Ron and every one of the staff members at Weingartz were engaged and dedicated to making sure that the OTG program was walking out of their doors with the highest quality product at the best price. This level of customer service is something that is so unique to family-owned businesses and so appreciated by our program.

Upcoming OTG events include tree felling and willow cutting at Shiawassee State Game Area on August 18, crabapple tree planting at Grayling State Forest on September 8, and constructing rabbit habitat (rabbitat) at Keeler State Game Area on September 22. For more details on events and to register, please click here.

MUCC’s On The Ground Program is supported by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division

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