OTW kicked off its 2020 field season at Burchfield Park

This past Saturday 17 volunteers came out to Burchfield Park in Holt to assemble 10 wood duck boxes. Volunteers came from around the lower peninsula of Michigan to spend the morning putting together wood duck boxes to help out the local population.

The event started with coffee and donuts, followed by brief introductions by Burchfield Park employee Tim Buckley and On the Water Coordinator Emma Nehan. And then it was down to business, the 17 volunteers broke down into groups of two to four and constructed their wood duck boxes in about thirty minutes. We then went out into the field to see one of the wood duck boxes installed in the pond by the maintenance shed. Lunch was then served back at the Winter Complex Building and then the event came to an end. Overall the positive mental attitude and spirits of the volunteers were amazing and made the event so memorable.

Events like these emphasize the influence that comes from partnerships in conservation. Engaging local Michigan residence in projects like those hosted by MUCC’s OTW program provides priceless opportunities to connect people with their natural resources and foster conservation stewardship ethics. A big thank you to our partners at Burchfield Park which is apart of Ingham County Parks.

MUCC’s On the Water’s funding from Consumers Energy’s Planet grant comes to an end this September. If you like what OTW is creating and want this program to continue please let us know! OTW unquestionably wants to advance as a program, connect and form partnerships that improve watersheds around the state of Michigan, but we can’t do this without your support.

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