SDC14809by Shaun McKeon, MUCC Education Director
Recently, in a few of the Michigan OutofDoors campfire columns I have talked about the importance of volunteers to our organization.  They are the many hands that help put in the work that get everything in place for the camp season to begin and without them our program would be in big trouble so once again thank you!  However, there is another group of special people that it takes to make the program run and they are our front line staff.
Each year I hire 22 outstanding people to share their love of the outdoors with the youth of Michigan.  The front line staff is a dedicated group of people ranging in age from 16 through their early retirement years.  Most are college age and come from different corners of the state. This group dedicates six weeks of their summer to teach kids about hunting, fishing, trapping and what being a steward for the environment is all about.
The frontline staff is what makes our operation tick and they are the ones who have a direct impact on creating conservationists of the future.  Whether it is building survival shelters in the woods, giving instructions to first time canoers, helping the campers study for hunters safety, mowing the grass and keeping the facility safe, or cooking 300 meals a day to feed hungry stomachs.  The staff is what makes camp a special place for the youth.
With fond memories of the 2014 staff behind me it is now time to look ahead to the 2015 team and the recruiting cycle has begun.  We are now accepting applications for positions at camp this summer.  Positions and a short description for these PAID positions can be found below:

  • Health Officer- 1 position open.  Our health officer serves as the camp nurse.  They are responsible for all medical situations and emergencies that may arise at camp.  Also they are in charge of daily administration of meds to campers and staff.  Part of the camp leadership team. Must be 1st aid and CPR certified during the camp season but higher qualifications such as nursing student with clinical experience, EMT or paramedic are preferred.
  • SDC14979Camp Counselor- 9 positions open.  The counselors are responsible for the safety and well-being of campers throughout the summer.  They are the instructors who will be teaching the outdoor lessons, technical skills, and providing activities for the campers to engage in. Counselors also serve as mentors to the campers and are responsible for cabin management throughout the week. Must be 1st aid and CPR certified during the camp season.
  • Camp Cook- 1 position open. The cook position is responsible for cooking the daily meals for the camp.  In charge of ordering supplies, maintaining inventory, and cooking food to serve roughly 1,400 meals per week.
  • Kitchen Assistant- 1 position open. The Kitchen Asst. is responsible for assisting with meal prep, keeping the dining room orderly during meals, and helping to clean up after meals including, sweeping, mopping and dish washing.
  • Grounds/Maintenance- 1 position open. Primary responsibilities include grounds maintenance- mowing and weed whacking, facilities up keep- cleaning bathrooms and showers daily and general maintenance and repair work as necessary during the camp season.
  • Junior Counselor- (16-17 year olds) 1 male position open. This position is designed for high school students to learn the ropes of what working with youth in a camp setting requires.  Junior counselors assist main counselors with all daily tasks as needed.  This includes supervising youth, setting up supplies for programs, participating in campfire activities and helping with registration and kitchen duties. Must be 1st aid and CPR certified during the camp season.

Click HERE for information, complete job descriptions, and applications to apply.
SDC15050 (1)Resumes can also be sent to me directly:
MUCC Shaun McKeon PO Box 30235 Lansing, MI 48909
These positions offer a special opportunity for anyone interested.  You get to spend the summer outside, make an impact on the lives of youth, share your outdoor passions, and get paid to do it!  The work is tough and the days are long 22 hours to be exact (for some positions), but it is extremely rewarding.  Seeing the smile on a kids face after they catch their first bass or a high five from a kid who hits the archery bullseye after a week of practice makes it all worth it.
Now is the time to start thinking about what you will be doing this summer and if working with youth and getting them outdoors is something you would like to be doing this is your chance.

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