rsz_dollarphotoclub_44764383A diligent MUCC member and Facebook follower called our attention today to a concerning bullet point (no pun intended) under Rep. Todd Courser and Rep. Cindy Gamrat’s budget, released today, proposing to steal $250,000 from gun owners and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)’s Shooting Range Enhancement Program.
The DNR’s public shooting range program ensures that the citizens of Michigan can practice their rights responsibly under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Thirteenth Amendment of the Michigan Constitution by having a place to become proficient in the use of their firearms.
The Shooting Range Enhancement Program keeps these facilities safe and up-to-date so that every law-abiding gun owner in Michigan has a place to shoot. A place to practice. A place to become familiar and proficient with their firearms to defend themselves, their families and their state under the Michigan Constitution, and to become ethical, safe and accurate hunters afield.
Those attending tomorrow’s Second Amendment March in Lansing may want to remind Representatives Courser and Gamrat that stealing from Michigan gun owners is not the solution to pay for anything. If you can’t make the march, you can attend Representative Gamrat’s Town Hall meeting on Friday, May 1 at the Griswold Auditorium at 401 Hubbard St. in Allegan from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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