Volunteers of the Gratiot-Saginaw Bridge Repair Event

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers at the September 17th Gratiot-Saginaw OTG event, the access bridge on the property is fixed. On Saturday morning, four volunteers took on the challenge of rebuilding the outdated access bridge. Armed with crowbars and power tools the crew removed and replaced the old wood planks. In total, the project lasted 4 hours.

The Gratiot-Saginaw SGA supports many recreational activities including hunting. Game animals commonly found on the property include white-tailed deer, wild turkey, ring-neck pheasants, American woodcock, cottontail rabbit and ruffed grouse. The successful replacement of the deck and siding of the bridge allows safe access to recreational activities in the area.

MUCC is thankful for the outstanding volunteers that support the OTG program and Michigan’s outdoor heritage. For more information on upcoming volunteer events, click HERE.

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