Drew YoungeDyke, Field Manager Drew YoungeDyke
This past weekend, I did something that combines two of my favorite passions: backpack bowhunting. Never mind that it got down to zero degrees at night; that just makes it cooler. I didn’t get a deer as the snow was way too crunchy most of the weekend to still-hunt, but I had a chance to reflect on what we need to do as hunters to make sure we maintain and increase support for what we do while I was waiting for my water to boil for my freeze-dried lunch.
DSCN2230 Attendees of the 2013 Annual Convention may recognize this tarp shelter from the Total Outdoors Challenge. Even on a single-digit night, it works!
There’s nothing better than sleeping out under the Orion constellation in the open air while being serenaded by coyotes and reading Louis L’Amour, keeping warm with a campfire, an eight-dollar tarp and sleeping bag while planning the next day’s hunt, but if we want to keep the hunting part of it, then we have to crack down on poaching and keep volunteering for wildlife habitat.
So take a minute to listen to the midday ramblings of a backpack bowhunter on the first video edition of WildLife Wednesday (on a Tuesday this week) and have a very Merry Christmas!

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