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When voters head to the polls on Nov. 4, they’ll be asked to decide the future of wolf hunting in the state.
The long endangered species has made a comeback. There are now roughly 675 wolves roaming mostly in the Upper Peninsula.
The numbers were so high, that lawmakers decided to open the hunt on wolves last year.
More than 1,200 hunters bought a license to kill a total of 43 wolves. When the season ended, about 22 were killed.
Since then, signatures were gathered against the hunt – enough to put it to a vote.
Those in favor like the pro-hunting group Michigan United Conservation Clubs say it’s a form of population control.
“Proposal 1  would affirm the law that names wolves as a game species,” said Drew Youngdyke, of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. “In Michigan when an animal is named as a game species, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a hunting season, but it means there could be one if the biologists approve it.”
They argue wolf hunting protects people, pets and livestock.
“We are very much pro hunting as a method of managing wildlife,” YoungDyke said…
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