Over 700,000 Michiganders hunt deer, providing hundreds of thousands of pounds of venison to Michigan families and supporting a $2.3 billion economic impact in our state. However, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) threatens the future of deer hunting. CWD is an always-fatal disease affecting cervids like deer and elk through the spread of infected proteins called prions.

Though it has not been proven to affect humans, the Center for Disease Control advises against eating meat from an affected deer. In some Wisconsin counties, over 40% of bucks have CWD. In some areas of Wyoming, infected mule deer herds are predicted to be locally extinct within 40 years due to CWD. It’s not too late to stop this from happening in Michigan, though.

That is why it is imperative that the Legislature appropriate funds sufficient for the DNR and their partner agencies to conduct the surveillance and testing necessary to monitor and prevent the spread of CWD in Michigan. We are calling for a $1 million General Fund appropriation for wildlife disease management in the Michigan DNR’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget.

Contact your legislator today and ask them to fund the fight against CWD!

This is a top funding priority of MUCC and we are asking our members to contact each legislative committee member to ask them to include this funding in the final appropriations bill. Read along for their contact information.


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House Appropriations Committee

If you live in any of the following legislator’s districts, please mention this when calling or emailing their office. If you are unsure of your Michigan House District, you can find yours here:

District Name Party Location Phone Email
59 Aaron Miller R N0993 HOB   517-373-0832
79 Chairman Al Pscholka R 351 CB 517-373-1403
73 Chris Afendoulis R N1092 HOB 517-373-0218
90 Daniela Garcia R N1194 HOB 517-373-0830
78 Dave Pagel R N1097 HOB 517-373-1796
64 Earl Poleski R N0998 HOB 517-373-1795
84 Edward Canfield R S1188 HOB 517-373-0476
62 John Bizon R N0996 HOB 517-373-0555
100 Jon Bumstead R S1289 HOB 517-373-7317
104 Larry Inman R S1388 HOB 517-373-1766
19 Laura Cox R N0698 HOB 517-373-3920
40 Michael McCready R S0889 HOB 517-373-8670
57 Nancy Jenkins R N0991 HOB 517-373-1706
83 Paul Muxlow R S1187 HOB 517-373-0835
102 Phil Potvin R S1386 HOB 517-373-1747
74 Rob VerHeulen R N1093 HOB 517-373-8900
88 Roger Victory R N1192 HOB 517-373-1830
94 Tim Kelly R N1198 HOB 517-373-0837
55 Adam Zemke D S0989 HOB 517-373-1792
1 Brian Banks D S0585 HOB 517-373-0154
5 Fred Durhal D S0589 HOB 517-373-0844
9 Harvey Santana D S0688 HOB 517-373-6990
25 Henry Yanez D S0789 HOB 517-373-2275
53 Jeff Irwin D S0987 HOB 517-373-2577
60 Jon Hoadley D N0994 HOB 517-373-1785
21 Kristy Pagan D S0785 HOB 517-373-2575
48 Pam Faris D N0897 HOB 517-373-7557
69 Sam Singh D 141 CB 517-373-1786
18 Sarah Roberts D N0697 HOB 517-373-1180


Senate Appropriations Committee

If you live in any of the following legislator’s districts, please mention this when calling or emailing their office. If you are unsure of your Michigan Senate District, you can find yours here:


District Party First Last Office Phone Email Address
35 REP Darwin Booher 720 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-1725
31 REP Mike Green 805 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-1777
34 REP Goeff Hansen 420 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-1635
29 REP David Hildenbrand S-324 Capitol Bldg. (517) 373-1801
13 REP Marty Knollenberg 520 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-2523        No Email
28 REP Peter MacGregor 715 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-0797
12 REP Jim Marleau S-2 Capitol Bldg (517) 373-2417
19 REP Mike Nofs S-132 Capitol Bldg. (517) 373-2426
21 REP John Proos S-8 Capitol Bldg. (517) 373-6960
26 REP Tonya Schuitmaker 405 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-0793
16 REP Mike Shirkey 320 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-5932
36 REP Jim Stamas 920 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-7946
11 DEM Vincent Gregory 1015 Farnum Bldg (517) 373-7888
23 DEM Curtis Hertel Jr. 315 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-1734
6 DEM Hoon-Yung Hopgood 515 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-7800
5 DEM David Knezek 610 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-0994
1 DEM Coleman Young 410 Farnum Bldg. (517) 373-7346

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