In the Field: Gun Opener Eve

by Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator, MUCC

Twas the night before Opener, and all through the house, not a creature was sleeping, not even the mouse. The camo was hung by the back door with care, in hopes that come daylight a big buck might appear.

There is something special and magical about the night before gun opener. Sometimes it is a scramble to make sure we have the gun sited in, the ammo on hand, charged flashlights, blaze orange hat, the pair of wool long underwear… not to mention the deer tag and a quick refresher of deer regulations. For me, I feel like packing up for deer camp always comes quicker than anticipated. I am all set to hunt at home, but getting ready to go north never goes as smoothly and planned as I hope, especially with having a little kiddo now. We will be posting a Q&A blog to help make sure you’re up on all of your deer regulations and the disease-related changes in several counties in Michigan. I hope you find that helpful!

In addition, I would like to encourage you to share in your hunting experience with your fellow hunters and even your non-hunting friends. This opportunity to climb into a stand, watch the sun rise over the trees, and listen to the running around of squirrels, is one we deeply treasure. If you are blessed to successfully harvest your target deer, take a picture worthy of the animal you harvested and share some of the meat with your friends and neighbors. If you do not have the fortune, celebrate with those who did.

The hunting seasons are an opportunity to connect and build relationships with our fellow hunters. The passion we share for these experiences and opportunities is something we can all find agreement. So as you climb into your blind, watch the sunrise, and hopefully, take a great kill shot, let’s remember to share the fun with our fellow hunters! Best of luck!

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