In the Field: …and Online with Michigan Grassland Habitat

I have spent quite a bit of time on Facebook searching for conservation-related pages that could help people connect with the Wildlife Cooperatives Program. In that time, I also came to realize that there are multiple, very active pages about deer, deer habitat and deer hunting. When I noticed a lack of online chatter about Michigan grasslands I started searching specifically for it. I didn’t have much luck except for various pheasant farms and some hunting opportunities. To help encourage grassland conversation, the Michigan Grassland Habitat group was created on Facebook.

The format of this page was designed to function similarly to Michigan Quality Deer Habitat. By keeping it a closed group page it gives the administrators the ability to filter messaging and negativity. This helps people feel comfortable to ask questions of any level.

The page has already reached over 60 members and we need your help to continue its growth. One major benefit to this page is that some of the state’s most qualified individuals are already actively posting and engaging with members. The Farm Bill Biologists that work with grassland programs are an incredible feature to have access to. Even though they are only a phone call away, their participation in this online project is key to its success. There are also a few various business owners that specialize in habitat on the page as well. These folks are a great option if you don’t have the equipment to implement certain practices.

Michigan has people interested in grassland habitat. Whether that be to plant and maintain it themselves or just to learn more about its environmental significance. There is a demand for grassland information. Being active on this page might just lead you to neighbors that are interested as well which provides the perfect opportunity for a wildlife cooperative.

Please check out Michigan Grassland Habitat (click hyperlink to go to page) on Facebook and invite a few friends to join as well. I’m looking forward to the great conversation it will bring!

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