Chrysler Volunteers at Camp

Even though the campers have been gone from Cedar Lake for a few months now, the facility is still being used and is continuously being improved.  Last week on Friday the 12th the facility committee and myself were joined by a group of volunteers from Chrysler’s Chelsea Proving Grounds.  We have been fortunate enough to work with this group of volunteers for the last several years and they have helped get some major projects accomplished at camp.  Over the years they have done demolition to latrines, helped run new electrical wires in cabins, power washed showers and the yurt and helped to stain and water seal cabins. I think their favorite activity is running chainsaws and burning brush that we typically do during our spring workdays.

This fall workday was no different from the others this group has helped with.  The group was eager to start working and came prepared with the necessary tools to get the tasks accomplished. After coffee and donuts to start the morning, the group of seven volunteers had their instructions for the day from Facility Committee Chairman Bob Borchak and they split off into groups.

Over the course of about 6.5 hours, the group was able to accomplish all of the tasks we asked them to complete.  They stained the new siding on the art building that we will be renovating this year.  Stained the extension to the garden building and organized the tools and maintenance equipment to get it ready for winter.  Next on the list was water sealing the ramps and stairways to the yurt and patching some rips and tears on that building.

Through the rest of the morning, the team worked on removing the dock from Cedar Lake and storing it for the winter. An extension was added to the kayak racks, and board repair and staining was completed on our 13 picnic tables.

With a short break for pizza at lunchtime and slightly drier weather in store for the afternoon, the group got their chainsaws out. They spent the afternoon working on sawing fallen trees and doing some brush clearing to open up some overgrown trails.

The successful day wrapped up around 3:30 and the volunteers headed home.  We are extremely thankful to have the volunteers we do helping us maintain our great facility and to the facility committee for their hours and hours of dedicated service.

With one more rental this weekend I am looking forward to closing the gate and winterizing the property next week and letting camp have its much-needed winter slumber.

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