SDC14812From Shaun McKeon - Camp Director

It is day 3 of our staff training week here at Cedar Lake and we are busily preparing for the arrival of our campers.  It has been nearly 10 months since the campers left last season and we are a mere 3 days before a new crop of youth join to continue their journey of becoming conservationists.
So far as a staff we have gone over camp policy, practiced our wilderness survival skills, learned the history of our historic camp facility and even had a few bonfires to practice the traditional skits and songs that we will perform each night during the campers visit.  Today in between bolts of lightning and claps of thunder we spent time on our archery and rifle ranges honing the skills of the staff in the art of instructing safe and responsible firearms and archery practices.  We have a staff this year that are very familiar with firearms out of the 23 staff this year only 2 had never had the opportunity to fire a rifle.  At Cedar Lake we strive to provide opportunities for growth for our campers and staff alike.
The rest of the week will be spent reviewing our 9 different curriculums, practicing our teambuilding and leadership skills, and plenty of time on the water tomorrow going over canoe/kayak instruction, inland fishing and swimming, hopefully the storms will blow over!
Next installment of Letters from Camp the kids will be here and we will be in full swing.  Bring on our 20 day campers and 60 overnight campers!!

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