Excerpted from the Detroit Free Press:
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources took not-so-veiled shots at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s relisting of Great Lakes wolves as endangered last month, in the state’s updated draft wolf management plan released Wednesday.
“Protection of Michigan wolves under the Federal Endangered Species Act is no longer warranted,” one portion of the updated wolf plan states, adding elsewhere, “Regardless of changes in legal status … wolves in Michigan have surpassed State and Federal population recovery goals for 15 years.”
Drew Youngedyke, spokesman for the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, said the organization supports the updated plan, and returning management of wolves to state hands. MUCC has joined the DNR and other states and agencies in a lawsuit against the federal government seeking to overturn the wolf relisting.
“Their recovery is a conservation success story,” he said.
“You have basically one lone federal judge who bought the Humane Society of the United States’ very misleading brief. HSUS’s misuse of the Endangered Species Act is not about maintaining this wolf population; it’s about eliminating a very specific management tool — a public hunt — that they oppose.”
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