Michigan Gray Wolf
MUCC is encouraging its members to support the new wolf management plan, using sound science as the basis for management options, including hunting. 
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has completed a draft update of the 2008 Michigan Wolf Management Plan and is seeking public comment during a 30-day period beginning today, March 4. The 2008 Wolf Management Plan was created using extensive public input to identify important issues and assess public attitudes toward wolves and their management, as well as a review of the biological and social science on wolves. The four principal goals within the plan are to:

  • Maintain a viable wolf population.
  • Facilitate wolf-related benefits.
  • Minimize wolf-related conflicts.
  • Conduct science-based and socially acceptable management of wolves.

The plan and, more specifically, the four principal goals within the plan have guided wolf management in Michigan for the last six and a half years.
Beginning in November 2014, the DNR sought comments on the implementation of the 2008 plan. During the comment period, the DNR received more than 3,000 responses to its online and hard-copy survey. Based on those responses and corresponding comments, and an internal review of the document, a draft updated plan recently was completed and is available for public review and comment.
The four principal goals in the 2008 plan remain the same in the updated plan. The 2015 draft also includes updated scientific literature and new information and facts regarding wolves in Michigan. A companion document, which summarizes DNR management accomplishments in addressing the action items from the 2008 plan, also is available for public review.
The draft updated plan and the 2008 Summary of Management Accomplishments document are available for download at
Send comments on the draft updated plan to or via U.S. mail to DNR Wildlife Division, P.O. Box 30444, Lansing MI 48909. Comments must be received no later than April 3.

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