MUCC’s volunteer-based wildlife habitat program has revisited several state game areas each year to continue habitat improvement there. Volunteers have attended projects at the Gratiot-Saginaw SGA, Fulton SGA, Crane Pond SGA, Allegan SGA, and the Pigeon River Country Forest each year since the start of this program in 2013- as long as there are habitat improvement needs there, we will continue to do so! Below, I will highlight a few projects reaching new areas throughout the state this year.

Adam_and_Dustin.jpgThis Saturday, volunteers with MUCC’s wildlife habitat program will be at the Fulton State Game area building brush piles for rabbitat. Unique to this area, volunteers building brush piles is written in the Fulton SGA’s wildlife habitat management plan. We will be revisiting the site that volunteers started working on last year; where five large brush piles were built on the edges of the forty acre field. These brush piles provide essential cover for rabbits and other small game in the area.

While it’s always a good time to improve wildlife habitat, now is the time to start finding antler sheds in the forest! I will be checking out a few areas after the habitat work to see if I can find a shed or two. I’ll also bring my shotgun along and see if any bunnies are using the piles we built in a different location last year; just one of many perks of habitat projects on public land! I’ve discovered many new areas to scout and hunt.

May_24_2015_(19).jpgI will get the chance to discover a few new areas this year as well. MUCC’s wildlife habitat program will be completing projects in areas it hasn’t reached just yet. Next month, on April 22nd, we will be planting trees to provide cover and roosting areas for pheasants in the Tuscola State Game Area. Then no kick off MUCC’s Annual Convention on June 17th, we will be at Haymarsh Lakes State Game Area building brush piles in recent timber sales- this location is just 15 minutes from the convention in Big Rapids. On August 27th, join us at the Shingleton State Forest Area to plant trees in the Garden Grouse Enhanced Management Site (GEMS). Later this fall we will be scheduling a project or two in the Traverse City State Forest as well!

Please visit On the Ground to see more details about upcoming projects and RSVP to volunteer for a habitat project near you. Almost 1,000 volunteers have dedicated a Saturday, or many Saturdays, to improving wildlife habitat on public land since the start of this program in 2013! I can’t thank all of the volunteers enough and I look forward to the next opportunity to work alongside you all!


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