OTG: Clinton River Clean Up

With 120 major rivers in the state of Michigan that canvas over 36,350 square miles, river health and quality is something that we are very passionate about. Since these areas are frequently used for angling and recreation, rivers can quickly fall victim to pollution and littering. With volunteer-based help through our On The Ground projects, we are partnering with organizations who want to ensure that they are giving back to the waters that have provided them with incomparable opportunities and lifelong memories.

On Saturday, July 14, fourteen volunteers gathered at Yates Park in Rochester, Michigan to take part in the annual Clinton River Clean Up hosted by Metro-West Steelheaders, OTG and the Clinton River Watershed Council.  The weather was balmy and you could hear the Clinton River flowing just yards away from our meeting location. Upon arrival participants enjoyed hot coffee and donuts while mingling.


When the work started, volunteers broke off into smaller groups to cover the areas accessible by foot. Not only did they clean up the river, but also Yates Park.  We’re happy to report that the Clinton River was in fairly good condition and there was less litter than expected.  Afterwards, a cookout lunch was served in the park where attendees were again able to take a minute to sit and converse with one another about rivers, steelhead fishing, and their favorite memories on the river.


If you’d like to get involved, our next event is the Manistee River Clean Up on July 21 from 9am-2pm. This will be a large event with many volunteers and opportunities to win prizes from Steelhead Manifesto! For more information and to register for the event, click here





Photos by Hunter Salisbury and Henry Nabors

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