NRC Approves Bear Hunting Rules, Considers Falconry Regulations

MUCC led commercial guiding legislation passes

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) approved 2021 bear hunting regulations when it met Thursday.  These rules and regulations are very similar to those in place in the 2020 seasons, with a few key changes, including the elimination of rules allowing for the placement of bear bait barrels on public lands. Bear hunting regulations and…

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NRC Considers Bear Hunting Regulations, Passes Migratory Bird Hunting Rules

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) gathered feedback on 2021 bear hunting regulations and voted on migratory bird hunting rules at their meeting Thursday.  Given the ongoing issues related to COVID-19, the NRC met virtually using an online platform to consider a full agenda.  The proposed rules and regulations are very similar to those in…

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March NRC Preview

January NRC Preview

Fisheries Order 200.19 A, which would reinstate a 10-brook trout limit on 33 UP streams, is up for information at the March 14th Natural Resources Commission (NRC) meeting The meeting will take place in Parlor Room A at Shanty Creek Resort. Shanty Creek Resort is located at 5780 Shanty Creek Rd, Bellaire, Michigan 49615. If…

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