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This Fall, Keep an Eye Out for Japanese Stiltgrass

At MUCC, we combine education, advocacy and on-the-ground work to conserve and protect our natural resources. Speaking to all who read this blog, our rich natural resources are under a constant threat from invasive species. As stewards of our land, it is our job to become educated about these invasive species and take appropriate action…

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Save Our Trees – Stop the Spread of Invasive Species!

The state of Michigan has 19.3 million acres of forested land that covers 53% of the state. As stated in Michigan’s terrestrial invasive species management plan, 96,000 jobs and over $20 million dollars is added to Michigan economy through forest-based industries and tourism/recreation. Forests are tremendously beneficial to all Michiganders. Which is why the threat…

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PlayCleanGo: An Opportunity to Join the Fight Against Michigan’s Terrestrial Invasive Species

Michigan’s Terrestrial Invasive Species Management Plan is a statewide effort to reduce the environmental and economic damages caused by terrestrial invasive species (TIS). To assist in fighting terrestrial invasive species, there are programs like PlayCleanGo that allow the public to take action.  For more information on Michigan’s Terrestrial Invasive Species Management Plan, click here. To…

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