This weekend will be MUCC’s Annual Convention hosted at the Holiday Inn of Big Rapids, MI. There will be an OTG event at the nearby Haymarsh Lake State Game Area at 10 am on Friday to kick-off the convention. Volunteers with MUCC’s Wildlife Habitat Program, MUCC staff and Board members, and club delegates will be helping to restore habitat by building large brush piles for rabbitat near the Featherbed Marsh flooding. After a few hours of felling trees and stacking the sectioned trunks into brush piles, volunteers will enjoy lunch from a local restaurant provided by MUCC. After the workday, many of the volunteers will brush the sawdust off their clothes and head to registration at the Holiday Inn for MUCC’s Annual Convention from 4pm-7pm on Friday evening.

June_19_2015_(7).jpgThe Haymarsh Lake SGA has over 6,000 acres of public land open to hunting in season. This area was actually the first document piece of land purchased by the State of Michigan and is marked as lease #001. The Haymarsh lake SGA is abundant wish marshes and floodings as well as mature aspen stands and pine-oak savannas. The habitat event on Friday will primarily benefit cottontail rabbits and other small game by providing cover, but it will also provide browse for whitetail deer, turkey, and woodcock. See more details and RSVP to volunteer for wildlife here!

Last year, 45 volunteers alongside MUCC staff members including Executive Director Dan Eichinger, Deputy Director Amy Trotter, Chief Information Officer Drew YoungeDyke, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator Anna Mitterling as well as many of the Board of Directors dedicated their time to restore elk habitat in the Pigeon River Country State Forest. The habitat project was a great way to experience one of many hands-on ways to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage. There was a task for all ages and abilities to get involved and one lucky volunteer, Jane Finnerty, found an elk antler shed to keep as a souvenir. I look forward to working alongside MUCC’s staff, board members, and volunteers again this Friday to begin this year’s annual convention!


The Annual Convention will include voting on MUCC Proposed Bylaws Amendments and 2016 Conservation Policy Resolutions, a Conservation Awards Luncheon, and a Hospitality Suite with raffle prizes and silent auctions- see more details here. Don’t forget to RSVP if you plan to volunteer at the Haymarsh Lake State Game Area on Friday at 10 am. We will be joined by the local news crew as well as the Michigan Out of Doors TV film crew to capture the habitat project and volunteer’s efforts!


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