Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

It has been an interesting year in the classroom over the last 1.5 school years. Here at MUCC, we are lucky enough to work with teachers in a variety of ways, but our most visible classroom interactions are through our TRACKS magazine.

Through the generous support of our affiliate clubs and the Michigan Wildlife Council, we were able to continue to provide this classroom resource to teachers throughout the state.

Even during the pandemic, TRACKS was able to stay relevant and provide quality science-based content to students both learning in the classroom and learning at home.

This year we provided nine issues of TRACKS focusing on Michigan wildlife ranging from the eastern newt to the brook trout.  More than 57,000 copies went out to nearly 200 different classrooms.  For the first time, we also provided teachers with a digital PDF so they would have the flexibility to have students use TRACKS if they were learning from home or on in-classroom iPads and laptops.

We really just wanted to take a moment to let the teachers who use TRACKS in their classroom and engage with MUCC through our clubs, summer camp, habitat/OTG Jr program or our policy process that we appreciate them.  MUCC knows this has been a challenging year and we appreciate what you have done to make the best of the situations this year. We hope you will continue to put the environment in environmental education.

Enjoy your summer vacation. We look forward to working with you all again next school year.

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  1. Landry Coffey on May 11, 2021 at 10:35 am

    My name is Landy Coffey and I teach 6th grade at Sandy Hill Elementary school in Jenison Michigan. How can I get Tracks in my classroom? I am an avid hunter/fisherman and love spending time outdoors. I feel it is important for the students of our state to learn about conservation and the role that our outdoorsmen/women play in preserving out state for generations to come. I had the opportunity to travel out west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to participate in SCI’s AWLS program (American Wilderness Leadership School). This really opened my eyes of the role I play as an educator within our state. I want to do anything I can to promote conservation within Michigan. Having the magazine Tracks in my classroom would be a great first step!

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