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The Campers Have Arrived

After introducing the staff in last week’s blog, the campers showed up on Sunday the 24th, to officially start the 72nd season of Michigan OutofDoors Youth Camp. We had 59 overnight campers (out of 60 spots) and we had 15 campers join us on Monday for our Day Camp program. The programs we offered this…

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Gourmet Venison and New Archers

On March 25th, MUCC’s Learn to Hunt Program teamed up with Gourmet Gone Wild, 4-Square Sportsman’s Association, the Blue Water Young Professionals, and Ugly Dog Distillery to host a partner event. The event was introducing young professionals in the Port Huron area to conservation.  The aim of the program was to connect these 21-35-year-olds to…

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A New Connection

One of the key components of the OTG Jr. Program is creating a connection between the student participants and public land.  The whole concept behind this program is to show students and their parents/teachers that there is accessible outdoor recreation not too far from where they live.  We are trying to show them they do…

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