Bipartisan bill introduced to provide hunter’s safety in schools

Bipartisan bill introduced to provide hunter's safety in schools

Bipartisan legislation was introduced in both chambers of the legislature this week that would create an elective program for Michigan school districts to host hunter and firearms safety programs within their schools. Senate Bill 664, sponsored by Sen. Jon Bumstead (R-North Muskegon), and House Bill 5334, sponsored by Rep. Curt Vanderwall (R-Ludington)are both supported by …

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Michigan Legislature Passes Omnibus Budget, Includes $64 million for Brandon Road Lock and Dam

Michigan legislature passes omnibus budget including invasive carp protections

Legislators passed a multi-department omnibus budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year Wednesday night.  The package, House Bill 4437, heads to Gov. Whitmer for her signature. A condensed analysis of the entire budget can be found HERE. Within the omnibus is the department budget for each segment of state government. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources…

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Update: Michigan Gun Control

Michigan gun control legislation.

Since Michigan United Conservation Club’s inception in 1937, our membership has solidified broad support for an individual’s firearm rights, opposing any attempt to infringe on lawful firearm owners among our membership. The organization’s grassroots, member-driven policy supports enforcing existing firearm laws and opposes new regulations on our members who are responsible, legal gun owners. MUCC…

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Michigan Legislature Approves Supplemental Including $100,000 for Pheasant Release Program

On Wednesday, the legislature approved a small but important appropriation for Michigan pheasant hunters. Legislators reached a deal on a $1 billion supplemental appropriation bill, SB 844, which includes $100,000 of pheasant license monies for fiscal year 2022 for the Michigan pheasant release program. This is in addition to the already approved fiscal year 2023…

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Legislature tries to score political points days before deer season, subverts Proposal G and the NRC

Yesterday, the Michigan House of Representatives on a largely party line vote chose to play politics with Michigan’s natural resources. HB 6354, which would have decriminalized failure to report a deer harvest by reducing penalties from a misdemeanor and possible jail time to a civil infraction, was unanimously approved as introduced by the House Government…

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September 12, 2022 Policy Update

State Issues MUCC has submitted its official public comment on the proposed expansion of Camp Grayling. We also ran a call to action for citizens to provide comments directly to DNR Director Eichinger, the Governor, and their legislators. This grassroots movement was a huge success generating around 1,200 participants resulting in nearly 4,800 emails to…

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August 29th Policy Insider

State Issues MUCC has submitted its official public comment on the proposed expansion of Camp Grayling. The DNR has updated the expansion FAQ, and public comment is still open. Members of the public should get their comments submitted by the end of August. MUCC opposes the expansion of Camp Grayling except in a national emergency,…

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MUCC August Policy Insider

MUCC Our traditional email campaigns have proven to be a valuable and effective tool for reaching legislators, but our tracking shows that text messages to our members prove to be an even more effective method of communication. If you click this link, fill out the form with your cell phone number, make sure both boxes…

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MUCC Opposes Two Bills in Committee

Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) will oppose two pieces of legislation receiving a hearing in the House Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Committee this Thursday. HB 5740 and HB 5902 are both authored by Rep. Eisen (R-St. Clair Township). HB 5740 would create a new  seven-day license option for seniors that allows use of a…

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