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Recruiting Staff and Campers

With about six weeks before summer camp season starts Tyler is keeping busy. This month on top of opening up the facility and working on updating some curriculum our big focus is on recruiting. We are recruiting with a two-pronged approach, as we are recruiting to hire our last few staff members for the season…

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We Have Jobs!

Tyler and I have not been in the office much lately.  We have been driving all over the state visiting universities.  We have attended six job fairs in the last 10 days.  We are visiting these job fairs to recruit the 2018 staff for the Michigan Out-of-Doors Youth camp.   Each year we hire roughly 20 people…

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Hiring Season

Now that 2018 has arrived, that means the Michigan Out-of-Doors Camp season is only six months away. Six months may seem like a long time but the preparations for the new season are a year-round obligation.  Here at MUCC, our work schedules revolve around seasons.  There are turkey seasons, deer seasons, and duck seasons.  For…

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