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Summary of Proposed CWD Regulations

Photo by Anna Mitterling

MUCC is providing this as a summary of the recently released Michigan DNR recommendation to the Natural Resources Commission on CWD management for white-tailed deer. The full document can be found here: In a few days-time, we will have completed our reaction to the proposal, but in short we think that the individual components…

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Call Senators to Support Commercial Fishing Legislation

Michigan United Conservation Clubs needs your help to ensure that game fish are not allowed for commercial harvest and that more stringent regulations are placed on commercial anglers. Senate Bill 0925 was introduced by Senator Michael Green (R-Mayville) on April 10 and was referred to the Senate Committee on Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. The hearing…

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CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW TO SUPPORT HB 5321 Nearly a month ago, we asked you to call legislators to express your support for House Bill 5321, which would prevent another atrocity like Ann Arbor’s deer sterilization program from being authorized. Since the bill has been referred to a subcommittee led by Representatives Curt VanderWall, Joseph…

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CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW TO SUPPORT HB 5321 Around this time last year, the Michigan DNR gave the City of Ann Arbor the go-ahead to sterilize free-ranging whitetail deer in some parts of the city while culling deer in other parts of the city, all by White Buffalo, Inc., the same company behind the plan…

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Michigan CWD Working Group Releases Report

Last fall the Natural Resources Commission and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources brought together experts on CWD from around the country (and world) to review the latest in science and management principles on CWD. Other states have enacted policies that include: changes in hunting regulations; restrictions or bans on deer carcasses from other states;…

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New Natural Resources Commissioner; Chair of NRC

John Walters

At the end of 2017, Gov. Rick Snyder announced the appointment of John Walters of Vanderbilt to the Michigan Natural Resources Commission. He is taking the place of the former chair, John Matonich, whose term concluded and he was not reappointed after serving nearly 8 years. “MUCC sincerely thanks Commissioner Matonich for his public service;…

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January Hunt Offered to Assist with Deer Management

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources just announced a new opportunity for hunters to keep deer hunting after the traditional season has ended, while also helping private landowners in Alpena County. This hunt is meant to help sustain a healthy deer herd and habitats through an increased doe harvest. We know no one wants to…

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Natural Resources Commission November Recap

Last week on November 9, 21017, the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) took action on two major fisheries orders that have been discussed for months and will go into effect April 1, 2018. Among the most controversial to some in the audience was the statewide warmwater regulations for muskie (FO 215.18), where the Department’s goal is…

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Tell Governor Snyder to Veto Rushed Ballast Bill and Protect Great Lakes from Invasive Species!

Today, the Michigan Legislature rushed passage of legislation which removes protections against the introduction of new aquatic invasive species stowing away in ballast tanks, and ignores the threat they pose to Michigan communities and our outdoor economy, heritage and values. HB 5095 strips away the Department of Environmental Quality’s requirement that ocean-going vessels docking at…

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